Our Story

Mind Doodle empowers teams by encouraging creativity, enhancing productivity and enabling collaboration

Illustration of a team working collaboratively on a project, with ladders and holding up different parts of a structure that looks like a mind map project

Creativity, complex problem solving and critical thinking will be the three top skills for 2020, yet only 25% of people believe they are living up to their creative potential. In fact, 80% report feeling pressure to be productive rather than creative at work.

We created Mind Doodle to combat this, helping you generate fresher ideas with faster implementation.

Bright ideas can come and go. We want to make sure your ideas actually happen.

Illustration of rolling green hills and trees with a blue flag in the middle, with Mind Doodle's logo on it, which looks like a mind map in a brain, showing you can conquer your project using this online mind map tool

Our team is important to us. Your team is too.

Our flexible working policy gives our team members the freedom to work the hours they choose, from the locations that suit them.

It’s important to us that Mind Doodle is just as helpful for distributed teams as it is for remote workers, teams who work in close proximity or freelancers.


Connecting global thinkers

Our headquarters are in Bristol, UK, but Mind Doodle is helping teams all over the world.

Before our first commercial launch, Mind Doodle was already being used in more than 90 countries across 6 continents.

We are humbled to see that Mind Doodle is the digital tool of choice for so many people across the globe.

Illustration of two people on either side of a globe. One stands on a ladder and waters it. The other stands opposite using a phone. Paper planes represent how they send messages between them to show they are working remotely as a team using mind mapping, project management and online chat tools.
Illustrated person sitting at their laptop with the world behind them, showing that teams use mind mapping and project management all over the world

Capturing digital notes at events

Our CEO and other team members are regularly invited to participate in events as speakers and workshop hosts or by mind mapping live on screen. Through our collaborations, we’ve enhanced the event experience for thousands of attendees in various industries, including:

Health Tech

…but enough about us, let’s get back to business.

Let’s #MakeIdeasHappen