5 tips for working, planning or studying on the move


Many of us can’t commit to working in an office or studying in a library every day. We lead busy lives and sometimes we have to travel, work around meetings or our family lives.

Flexible working policies are an effective way of allowing teams to work in the way that suits them, so here are our top 5 tips for maintaining productivity wherever you are.

1) Use the right tech

The Internet has been classified as a human right because everyone deserves the right to freedom of expression, opinion and development, and with an Internet connection, you can access cloud-based tools from anywhere.

Free Wi-Fi is usually available in cafes, hotels and airports, but if not, you can use the data on your smartphone. Internet is available across most of the world, so whether you need to do a full day’s work away from the office, are committed to studying during a trip abroad, or are inspired by your environment whilst on the move, all you need is an Internet connection to get started.

Since you have the freedom to use any device, you might feel spoilt for choice, but the context of your trip will help you decide. Will you be staying in one place for long periods of time? Then a laptop is the best choice. Going to be up and about most of the day? Just take your tablet, so you don’t get weighed down.

Mind Doodle is a cloud-based mind mapping tool, so you can use it wherever you go. At the moment, Mind Doodle works best on a computer or tablet. For those who want to use Mind Doodle on a smartphone, our mobile app is coming soon!

2) Stay connected with your team

When working on a collaborative project, you may need to commit some time to working with your team in person, but there’s no reason why the majority of your work can’t be done remotely if you utilize the team-based work tools that are available. For example, teams can work together in real-time when they use Mind Doodle.

If you’re going abroad, don’t worry about time-zones. Using web-based applications means you have access to online resources 24-hours a day. With around the clock availability of your files, you’ll be able to see updates made by your team, check in with everyone’s progress, and share data from multiple locations so you’ll never get left behind!

3) Use the environment to your advantage

Sometimes a change of location is exactly what you need to re-focus your mind. Different locations will affect people in different ways. You might prefer to move to your personal study, a coffee shop, or the office chill-out zone. Wherever you’ll be, find inspiration in your surroundings.

If you’re working abroad, document your trip using Mind Doodle. Write about the settings you visit and the people you meet, using images and anecdotes of special moments to bring the Doodle to life.

When you want to begin a new business plan, use Mind Doodle to note down any light-bulb moments you have on the move and use your changing environments to help you think outside the box.

If you’re planning an event, use Mind Doodle to document your visits to venues. Upload photos as you go along and combine these with information about the venue, such as the address, capacity and what you liked most about it!

4) Add a soundtrack

Music can be used for motivation, but it can also be distracting. The same goes for background noise. Some people like chatter, some can’t focus without complete silence.

Finding the right noise settings is completely subjective. Play white noise, ambient sounds, classical music, film scores, or your favourite tunes. It takes a little trial and error to figure it out. Start recording how much background noise you prefer. Is there a certain genre of music that works for you? Maybe you work best in complete silence at some points during the working day, and prefer a little music at others. Find patterns and learn to read signals from your own productivity and focus.

You can create your own harmonious working environment with a work-friendly music playlist for wherever you go. Just don’t forget that what works for you may not work for others. If that’s the case, try not to be disruptive and get some headphones!

5) Embrace the opportunities

Be aware of the environment you’ll be in, and how this will affect your work. It all depends on context. Your favourite café or restaurant may not be the best place if you’ll be bumping into friends at a time you really need to focus and remove distractions. However, it could be the ideal collision zone for creative thinking and group discussion when you are dreaming up new ideas.

When you’re on the move, find a comfortable area with a creative atmosphere. Embrace the positive effects of an enlivened workspace or inspiring environment, and wherever you go, stay connected using Mind Doodle to solve problems, develop new ideas and continue group discussions from all over the world.

Learn more about what Mind Doodle is.

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