Collaboration for Welsh Education Law

Enhancing the Welsh Education Law Conference with live mind mapping

Mind Doodle was recently invited to participate in the fifth Welsh Education Law Conference (WELC), an event that highlighted newly proposed Code of Practice regulations for learners with Additional Learning Needs.

Live mind mapping at the Welsh Education Law Conference

Education for children and young people with Additional Learning Needs

The new Additional Learning Needs code is a statutory guide for all organisations who share the responsibility of providing appropriate education for children and young people.

Hosted by the Education Law team from 30 Park Place, conference speakers explained the various changes to the code and potential impact on local authorities and learners.

Improving collaboration to benefit learners with Additional Learning Needs

When introducing Mind Doodle to attendees, the conference lead, Mark Allen, highlighted how useful the tool could be for improving collaboration between multiple parties, particularly for creating Individual Development Plans for children or young people. He went on to say:

“The new Additional Learning Needs Code of Practice and legislation requires schools, Further Education Institutes, local authorities and health organisations to work collaboratively to ensure that the Additional Learning Needs of children and young people are met. It is a basic premise of the new legislation and code that there will be cooperation and the duties and powers are directed to this end.

“Mind Doodle is an excellent tool to aid this form of collaboration as it can be used for live discussion over the Internet with all parties sharing the same mind map on screen, and documents can be stored in the mind map. For the creation of an Individual Development Plan, for example, this would be really useful.”

Mark Allen, Head of Education Team at 30 Park Place

Capturing visual notes live

Mind Doodle contributed to the final session in the schedule, a panel discussion, by capturing visual notes live on screen.

Following a day of talks on the Code of Practice and regulations, the panel opened up to questions from the audience, who could engage with the speakers and voice their opinions during a wider discussion.

Capturing the vibrant discussion on screen using Mind Doodle ensured the audience were able to follow a detailed visual depiction of the topics in real time as the conversation evolved.

Capturing notes live on screen using Mind Doodle

Breaking down complex information

The aim of the panel discussion was to inspire discussion and collaboration from all parties affected by the proposed code in Wales. This includes legal counsel, representatives from further education institutes, health boards and councils across the country. As such, there was a diverse audience with a wide range of perspectives on the topic.

By breaking down complex regulatory points and structuring them in a non-linear but clear and creative way, Mind Doodle helped the event organisers cater to a diverse audience with varying degrees of knowledge of the topic. Following the event, the visual notes were distributed to attendees as an aide-memoire.

Use Mind Doodle at your next event

Next up, find out how Mind Doodle has supported the NHS R&D Forum by encouraging collaborative thinking and learn how our team have delivered hands-on workshops to combine creative thinking with project management.

Would you like Mind Doodle to enhance your event or deliver a workshop? Contact Tess, we’d love to be there.

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