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Content planning and mind mapping

Special guest on the Something Inventive podcast

Our marketing manager Tess Coughlan-Allen recently joined Ben Kinnaird for an episode of Something Inventive, a regular podcast that covers a wide range of topics with observations on marketing, business and technology.

The aim of the podcast is to discuss marketing, creativity and business so we can all learn to be smarter marketers.

Tess and Ben talk about using mind mapping for content planning during this episode, touching on websites, blog posts and social media campaigns. Having met at a WordCamp, Tess and Ben also discuss public speaking at WordCamps and other tech events.

In the episode, Ben visits to explore Mind Doodle as a mind mapping and project management tool. He also uses the WordPress plugin, Mind Doodle Visual Sitemaps and Tasks, to see how a mind mapping inspired a tool for creating visual sitemaps.

Watch or listen to the podcast now:

You can use Mind Doodle for free to plan your content. Sign up to start mind mapping.

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