Episode #8: Loud Ideas – UX & Women in WP with Tracy Apps

Episode 8 of the Loud Ideas podcast

The Loud Ideas podcast is where all ideas are allowed, so we make them loud. In this episode, we hear Tess Coughlan-Allen talking to Tracy Apps.

Tracy Apps (@tapps) is a big-picture doer, a developer, a designer, a translator, a user experience (UX) creator… basically a creative problem solver who’s addicted to learning. For Tracy, User Experience is about so much more than “making things pretty,” it means taking all the pieces of the puzzle—the different languages, the nuances of how systems work, and breaking them down into simple chunks of information to be explained, deciphered, and incorporated into an accessible, inclusive, wholistic product for the end-user.

Tracy has over 20 years of web development experience and 18+ years of client work, both through her startup, tracy apps design, LLC and as a contractor/consultant. Her range of clients include Fortune 500 & 1000 companies like Kohl’s, Johnson Controls, and GE Healthcare, to nonprofits, startups, small businesses, and artists.

Since beginning her work in technology in the late 90s, Tracy has grown alongside the internet. She started using WordPress before it was WordPress, and remembers a time before Facebook, mobile phones, and broadband internet… when we had to call the internet. She’s a nationally-renown public speaker and presenter, and most recently co-launched the Women in WP podcast, a bi-monthly podcast about women who help make up the worldwide WordPress community. Tracy is a drummer, bow-tie aficionado, and she could probably deadlift you.

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