Entrepreneurship and innovation in Bristol

Mind Doodle featured in book of Bristol’s best innovators

Innovate Bristol showcases the best entrepreneurship and innovation from the people, companies, products and services in Bristol, UK.

The latest edition from Global Village Publishing, Innovate Bristol is an ambitious 360-page coffee-table book that is supercharged with AR (augmented reality) videos, partnered with an eBook.

“Innovate Bristol is an authentic snapshot of the city’s innovation ecosystem, and it’s clear from participants’ stories why Bristol has been named as one of the leading tech hubs in the UK,” said publisher Natalia Rodríguez Novás.

You’ll find Mind Doodle featured within the Product Innovation & Retail chapter on page 150-151 when viewing the eBook on issuu or pages 147-148 if you purchase a physical copy (available in November 2019), with the double page spread highlighting Mind Doodle’s mind mapping, agile project management and collaborative features. The book will be showcased for the first time at this year’s Bristol Technology Showcase on Friday 8 November at Aerospace Bristol.

Bristol is a city of culture, collaboration and creativity

Bristol was named as one of the best places to live and one of the best European destinations to visit in 2019. The 10th largest city in Great Britain, Bristol is one of the ten ‘Core Cities’, with an estimated population of 459,300.

With a vibrant and diverse population and many inhabitants passionate about sustainability, independent businesses, technology and creativity, Bristol stands up as a city that you can’t ignore.

“The culture and creativity here mean Bristol is regularly listed as one of the top places to live or visit, both in the UK and in Europe, and it’s easy to see why. Most importantly, our team members love Bristol, as it has so much to offer, and we see first-hand that a happy employee is a productive one,” said Richard Hill, CEO of Mind Doodle.

In Bristol and neighbouring cities such as Bath, there is a strong network of organisations that regularly connect and collaborate. With co-working spaces, conferences and festivals, incubators and networks, companies can meet and work together, allowing start-ups and small businesses to grow and larger organisations to offer support, share skills and experience.

“With Mind Doodle, our market is global and we have users all over the world, but our base in Bristol gives us a great advantage due to the local contacts and lively tech scene. Bristol is a fantastic place for tech companies,” said Richard Hill, CEO of Mind Doodle.

Introducing the innovators of Bristol

Within the book’s industry-specific chapters, innovators and innovation enablers from all over Bristol tell the stories of their organisations. Most features are AR-video enabled, allowing participants’ stories to come alive on the screen of any smartphone.

The Product Innovation & Retail chapter featuring Mind Doodle opens with a quote from Dean Kamen, the inventor, engineer and businessman dedicated to improving lives through technology and innovation: “Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.” In this city, we are lucky enough to find innovation, together with support and inspiration, everywhere.

“Bristol is rapidly attracting a reputation as a sustainable, innovative city with a dynamic culture of talent and innovation,” said Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol.

Acknowledged as the most competitive and productive tech cluster in the UK in a report from TechNation in 2018, Bristol has a vibrant and growing tech scene. Compiled by Bristol City Council, some of the largest industry sectors in Bristol are as follows:

  • 29,000 jobs in Aerospace & Advanced Engineering
  • 26,000 jobs in Digital Technology
  • 26,000 jobs in Environmental Technologies
  • 22,000 jobs in High Tech
  • 20,000 jobs in Creative and Digital industries

“Bristol offers us a glimpse into the future. One where we can change lives for the better through collaboration and a support network who is genuinely committed to helping the city thrive. Bristol’s Innovation Ecosystem is proof that we can create amazing things when we work together and support each other,” said publisher Natalia Rodríguez Novás.

Innovate Bristol Front & Back Covers

A city of collaboration and a place where heritage and technology co-exist, Bristol is where start-ups, independent businesses and large organisations can thrive together and #InnovateBristol showcases the best examples of innovation in this city.

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