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Richard’s _nology Tech Talk


Mind Doodle’s Founder & CEO, Richard Hill, was recently invited to hold a session for tech students at _nology.

Tech entrepreneur Richard Hill, founder and CEO of Mind Doodle, an online mind mapping tool with project management built in, smiles and claps with two other men who are founders of a tech course called _nology. They stand beside a sign with the _nology branding as they celebrate a successful session on tech entrepreneurship.During which, Rich revealed his entrepreneurial journey as a business owner in the tech industry.

_nology is a 12-week immersive software development course that teaches core programming skills before placing every candidate into their first role. The organisation’s mission is to tackle the UK’s tech skills gap.

“I asked Richard to come down as his varied experience of building, running and selling tech companies is invaluable for the entrepreneurial students we have,” said _nology’s Co-Founder, Peter Anstery.

“He spoke very openly about how the process works without over complicating it and added huge value in the afternoon he spent with us.”

What did the students learn?

Students came out of the session having learned about business:

“I learned a lot about entrepreneurship and growing a business!”

…with an exclusive insight into using technologies, frameworks and coding languages for different business purposes:

“It was interesting to see the technology stacks they use, combining a lot of different technologies from relational databases to WordPress, PHP, Javascript etc.”

How did the students feel after the session?

After the session, students said that they felt inspired by Rich’s story:

“It inspired me that Rich had taken the leap and branched out on his own – I thought that was really brave.”

Another student highlighted the determination needed for a founder to start-up a business:

“Quickly recognising a traditional corporate environment wasn’t for him, Rich risked everything to start out on his own. Not knowing where the next mortgage payment was coming from, he stuck to his task of growing his company from strength to strength.”

The same student went on to reference an example of how software can transform any industry:

“Rich demonstrated an interesting piece of software designed for rig workers, which had schemas and even a 3D version. He explained that this allowed the workers to see parts of the rig that they previously could only have imagined.”

Key takeaways

When asked what lessons they had taken away from the session, one student emphasised Rich’s work ethic:

“My key takeaway was learning from Rich’s hard work and dedication when building a successful business from the ground up.”

The student went on to pinpoint WordPress as a key area of focus for the future. They even planned to purchase a ticket for WordCamp Bristol on 17-19 May, inspired by Rich’s comments about this global open source project:

“I will now be going to the WordPress event in Bristol in May. WordPress takes 33% market share of all websites online!”

The session left a ripple of energy and enthusiasm for the students to use as fuel for their own projects:

“My key takeaway was to be fearless with my ideas, and chase after the things I want.”

At Mind Doodle, we love to see this appetite for innovation. We encourage everyone to be creative and focus their efforts to Make Ideas Happen.

Visit our Help Site for useful guides on how to get the most out of Mind Doodle.

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