It’s time to Make Ideas Loud

The Loud Ideas podcast is where all ideas are allowed, so we make them loud.Mind Doodle brings original ideas to life with mind mapping and creative project management. We Make Ideas Happen, and now with our podcast, we Make Ideas Loud.In our podcast, we interview people from the WordPress community and wider digital space. We explore a range of concepts and share personal experiences with the aim of provoking new ideas for our audience.

About our hosts

Richard Hill, Mind Doodle’s CEOLike most CEOs, Rich has a wide umbrella of responsibility. Rich had the original concept for Mind Doodle, but he says, “Ideas only get you so far. Building Mind Doodle requires a team of awesome people, all with different skills and areas of expertise.” Generally, Rich plans with senior staff at a high level, then hands responsibility over to team members to achieve our goals, and the whole team reviews and collaborates.About the Loud Ideas podcast, Rich said:
“It’s early days for the Loud Ideas podcast, but all of the people I’ve spoken to share passion. They care. There is a real honesty and truth about what they are doing. I get to speak to people I admire and respect, and learn a few things along the way.”
Tess Coughlan-Allen, Mind Doodle’s Marketing ManagerAs marketing manager for Mind Doodle, Tess spends her working days writing content, planning social media posts, producing videos, preparing documentation, working on email campaigns and managing our marketing and communications efforts.About the Loud Ideas podcast, Tess said:
“I started listening to podcasts a few years ago, and a good podcast would accompany me through long car drives or household chores, but it wasn’t until 2018 that I became a dedicated listener.“Most working days I listen to podcasts for two 30-minute cycles (to and from the office). There’s no single genre I go for, I listen to a range of podcasts and, for me, variety is the key. Comedy, journalistic, current affairs, philosophical, true crime… I love them all as long as I have a multiple styles and themes.“That’s probably what makes me so excited about the Loud Ideas podcast, too. The topics we cover are developed based on the guest we have, provoking really unique and fascinating discussions. No two episodes are the same.“Above all else, it’s a joy to talk to such insightful people, and to be able to share that with our listeners.”
Listen to our first episode about Inclusive Marketing with Joyann Boyce.Visit the Loud Ideas podcast page for all episodes.

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