Mind Doodle helping attendees at CoInnovate use mind mapping and agile project management on mobile devicesMind Doodle helping attendees at CoInnovate use mind mapping and agile project management on mobile devices

Mind Doodle to support ideas workshop for NHS at MediWales Connects

11 JUNE 2018BLOG

Mind Doodle has been invited to partner with MediWales and Teamworks to accelerate collaborative idea generation during a dynamic workshop at the annual MediWales Connects conference.

The team from Mind Doodle will be heading to The Great Hall at Swansea University on 20 June 2018 for MediWales Connects, the third annual collaboration conference for the Welsh NHS.

We’ll be supporting the session titled 100 ideas in 30 minutes (including 10 good ones!); a structured workshop led by Gwyn Tudor, CEO of Teamworks, which encourages participants to explore drivers and barriers to collaboration and share ideas through a dynamic exploration into what the future of collaboration could look like.

Taking healthcare transformation one idea at a time, this session of collaborative thinking will contribute to tackling NHS challenges, with outcomes recorded in a digital mind map.

MediWales Connects was set up to connect and unify every health board and trust that collectively makes up NHS Wales in a conference setting. With such a strong history of collaboration, we are delighted to be invited to support connectivity across the NHS, as well as externally with health technology industry partners and university departments through this creative workshop, where knowledge and ideas will be exchanged to generate impactful solutions for the future of healthcare.

At the event, Mind Doodle will also take a stand in the interactive exhibition area to continue to demo Mind Doodle 2.0, the latest update that will be available this summer.

We’ll also be collecting comments and ideas from attendees in a mind map during the entire conference to create a digital commentary on the event and its impact for all involved.

Find out more about MediWales Connects or register to attend.


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