Mind Doodle are going to do do action day

Mind Doodle will do_action!


This week, Europe’s first do_action hackathon is taking place in Bristol.

Along with more than 30 other volunteers, Rich, Tess and Daniel from Mind Doodle have pledged to help local charities and non-profits by spending Friday 23 February 2018 taking part in do_action Bristol.

do_action Bristol was set up so that developers, designers, project managers, quality assurance testers and content writers could join forces to build 5 WordPress websites for 5 worthy causes in a single day.

The organisations that will receive new websites include GympanzeesCIC, Hands In The Air, Bristol Disability Equality Forum, Horfield and District Allotment Association and Third Sector Solutions.

As a co-organiser of the hackathon, Tess Coughlan-Allen publicised the event to recruit volunteers and worked with the local WordPress community to turn do_action Bristol into a reality.

During the hackathon, Tess will be hosting a content workshop to develop strategies to drive traffic to the newly launched websites by harnessing the power of SEO and social media. On top of this, Tess will support the creation of web content for the charities and non-profits during the day.

Mind Doodle’s CEO, Richard Hill, will be contributing to the do_action hackathon as content manager for Gympanzees, the country’s first fully inclusive activity centre to cater for the play and exercise needs of the 58,000 disabled children in this area.

Rich will work closely with the representatives from Gympanzees to prepare web content that captures attention, and we’re sure he’ll also share some insight from seventeen years of entrepreneurship with his team too.

For Daniel Reading’s role during the hackathon, he will project manage the web build for Third Sector Solutions, a not-for-profit company providing employment and training support for people who are unemployed or with support needs.

Daniel will be planning and overseeing the web build for Third Sector Solutions, keeping his team on track throughout the hackathon. Following the do_action hackathon on 6 March 2018, Daniel will deliver his first talk on time management for WordPress development at the Bristol WordPress People meetup.

Follow the progress from the do_action day on Twitter: #doactionBRS

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