From London to Bristol: WordCamps past and future

What is a WordCamp?

WordPress is a platform for creating websites. As the world’s leading content management system, WordPress powers more than a third of the Internet, from personal blogs to global brands and publishers. Even the White House’s website is built using WordPress.

As a free, open source platform, WordPress aims to “democratize publishing” by giving everyone access to use it.

WordCamps are WordPress conferences that take place all over the world. They involve talks and other activities that connect digital communities. WordCamp session topics usually relate to WordPress, but often not only to WordPress. For example, at WordCamp London, talks and workshops covered a wide scope of topics including mental health, accessibility and digital sustainability.

Much of the community who use WordPress also contribute to it. In fact, one way to contribute to WordPress is by getting involved with WordCamps as a speaker, organiser, or another kind of volunteer. Tess Coughlan-Allen, Mind Doodle’s Marketing Manager, was a speaker at WordCamp London. We asked her what she thought about the event.

“What I loved about WordCamp London…”

“I had a blast at WordCamp London 2019. I loved the focus on sustainability, the wonderfully diverse schedule, an interesting marketing tribe meetup and most importantly, hanging out with so many amazing people.

To top it off, I spoke on stage at a WordCamp for the first time. In the past, I’ve hosted and spoken at a handful of smaller events and I delivered a content workshop at WordCamp Brighton, but the next milestone for me was speaking on stage at a WordCamp.

It was a proud moment to reach that goal, especially at WordCamp London because, by chance, it was the first WordCamp I ever attended back in 2017.

During my talk, I explained how we used WordPress to do_action last year by creating 5 new websites for local non-profits during a one-day hackathon. I played recorded messages from some the non-profits we helped and it felt really special to share the impact of the do_action day with the audience.

I’m a firm believer that opportunities come when you create them, and that certainly happened at WordCamp London. After taking the leap to speak, I was lucky enough to get a second chance to be on stage, this time joining Josepha Haden Chomphosy for a fireside chat about building cultures of safety.

Josepha is the Executive Director for WordPress and has written about cultures of safety on her personal blog. It’s a really interesting concept that she explains very eloquently. Watch the livestream recording of the fireside chat.

As the host, I opened up the discussion and with some starting questions, then invited the audience to join in by asking Josepha questions of their own. The format was intentionally open. Given that the chat was about cultures of safety, I hope my role in the discussion helped provide a safe platform for a very important topic.

One last highlight was being given a cherry tree as my speaker gift. It’s such a unique take on sustainable swag!”

Tess Coughlan-Allen, Marketing Manager, Mind Doodle

What’s next? WordCamp Bristol!

The next WordCamp in our schedule is WordCamp Bristol and we can’t wait! The conference runs from 18-19 May 2019 with an additional Contributor Day to kick off the event on 17 May 2019.

Tickets cost £35 for 2 days of talks, a Contributor Day and After Party. Find out why you should attend WordCamp Bristol.

This is an extra special event for Mind Doodle. We are headquartered in Bristol and Rich Hill, our CEO and Founder, has volunteered his time to co-organise the event as a Sponsor Wrangler.

Read about Rich’s experience as a first-time organiser of a WordCamp and purchase a ticket to join us at WordCamp Bristol.

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