Hear Tess Talk at WordCamp US

Taking the stage at #WCUS in St Louis

Our marketing manager Tess Coughlan-Allen is rounding off a year of public speaking at WordCamp US, the biggest annual WordPress conference in the United States of America.

WordCamp US takes place in a different city every two years, and this is the first year that the conference is to be held in St Louis, Missouri.

Tess will give her lightning talk on Using WordPress to do_action on 1 November 2019 at #WCUS, sharing her experience of co-organising the first do_action hackathon to take place in Europe and encouraging others to share their skills for good.

Having given similar talks at WordCamp London in April and WordCamp Bristol in May, this will be Tess’ first experience of speaking overseas.

Tess Coughlan-Allen, Marketing Manager at Mind Doodle said:

“I can’t wait to deliver my talk at WordCamp US in November. It is a huge event and an even bigger privilege to be given this opportunity. I’m still pinching myself that my talk has a place in the schedule alongside so many outstanding speakers covering really interesting subjects.

When I applied to speak, I absolutely did not expect to be selected. I’m relatively new to the world of public speaking, but I’ve really thrown myself into it. I have now delivered two conference talks and two workshops. I’ve also hosted one panel and one fireside chat. There’s still a long way to go before I shake off the pre-talk nerves, but I’m ready for my next challenge at WordCamp US!

I had such a great time at WordCamp US last year, especially watching the business and marketing talks. I can’t wait to return as a speaker this year and I really hope I can inspire someone in the audience to start a community project, host a charity event like a do_action hackathon, or even apply to speak at next year’s event.

Having only been to the US once before, to attend the same event last year (in Nashville – where I proudly rocked my cowboy boots), I’m delighted I get to explore St Louis and experience a different part of the States.

I plan on sightseeing the likes of the Route 66, the Gateway Arch and the Mississippi River, experiencing the vibrant downtown area and listening to jazz or exploring cultural venues and a museum that pays tribute to the blues.”

Will you be attending WordCamp US on 1-3 November 2019? Let’s arrange to meet up.

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