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The latest features have been rolled out! Whether you use Mind Doodle for mind mapping, planning and creative project management or connecting with your team, we know you will be happy to read that we’ve made some key improvements.

From the day we released the earliest concept, throughout the Beta phase and during our official launch, we have always put the people who use Mind Doodle at the centre of our world. A lot has changed, but not when it comes to our ethos, and we continue to use your feedback to adapt and improve… and voila, the latest updates have been rolled out.

Find out about what’s new, from mobile mind mapping to visual sitemaps for WordPress, as well as improvements for our exclusive Gold Plan teams!

Latest features


Sometimes small changes can have a significant impact. When you look back at the journey, you see how far you’ve come. For us, this is one of those moments. Mind Doodle is now mobile-friendly.

Mind mapping works best on a desktop, but that’s not always convenient. We have been making small tweaks and changes to improve the mobile experience for our users, and we are delighted to have reached the point where Mind Doodle can be used on mobiles.

That’s not all… Ahead in our roadmap, there’s more to come! Our mobile app is in development. Keep an eye on our blog and newsletter for all the latest.

WordPress Plugin

We are always listening to our community and as a result, we have implemented WordPress integration to bring some of the most popular aspects of Mind Doodle into web development.

Our plugin allows you to structure your website in a visual way and build interactive sitemaps. It’s like mind mapping, but it’s more than a graphical tool. The visual sitemap really builds your site and updates the site structure as you drag-and-drop pages to rearrange the hierarchy.

Tasks within WordPress streamlines the project management process, allowing clients, project managers, scrum masters, developers, designers or content writers to add and assign tasks from within the WordPress dashboard.

If it’s safer for clients to use a separate user interface instead of WordPress, they can add their tasks within Mind Doodle. Everything hooks up automatically once you enter your login credentials.

Download our plugin: Mind Doodle Visual Sitemaps & Tasks from WordPress.org and start creating visual sitemaps and managing projects by adding tasks within the WordPress dashboard.

We’re delighted with the feedback we’ve received so far and we welcome your comments and ideas for more features. Moving forward, we will be rolling out regular updates to make the experience even better.

UI tweaks

Continuously, we test and improve Mind Doodle. We ask users what they think about specific features and always keep the teams who use it in mind.

Tweaking the user interface (UI) with impactful visual enhancements to create engaging workflows with easy personalisation is another update we’ve rolled out.

Moving forward, if you have feedback, we encourage you to tell us your thoughts and contribute your ideas by emailing us. We listen, and we appreciate it.

Gold Plan

Finally, we have made some important improvements for our premium teams using the Gold Plan, making the process of upgrading and getting more out of Mind Doodle even smoother.

Use the Gold Plan for limitless productivity with unlimited tasks, improved team connectivity with access to your full chat history, and more space to upload media files.

Learn how to upgrade to the Gold Plan here.

If you love using Mind Doodle, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell your friends, colleagues and contacts or invite a team to collaborate with. Share, connect and develop ideas together.

Get in touch with ideas for improving Mind Doodle so we can help support your needs.

Most importantly, keep turning your bright ideas into a reality as you Make Ideas Happen.

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