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Next stop: Berlin for WordCamp Europe

Rich Hill, CEO and Tess Coughlan-Allen, marketing manager at Mind Doodle will be attending the seventh edition of WordCamp Europe on 20-22 June 2019.

WordCamps are conferences where attendees can build authentic connections within the WordPress community whilst soaking up expert knowledge and growing their businesses too.

WordCamp Europe is unique in that it takes place in a different European city each year, and the host city this year is Berlin, Germany!

Berlin is a diverse metropolis with people from over 190 countries now calling it home. It is full of cultural and historical references and landmarks.

The WCEU team have shared advice on what to eat, things to do and see and how to enjoy Berlin with your family, plus practical information on places to work, how to access Wi-Fi or SIM cards and advice for getting around the city.

Rich is a long-time WordCamp-er, and with WordCamp Europe highlighted as a calendar favourite, we asked him how he felt ahead of the conference. He said:

“The eighties ended and the nineties started with 3 historic events most people never thought would happen. Mike Tyson lost, Nelson Mandela was freed, and the Berlin Wall fell.

“I’m going to take a little time out from WCEU to be a tourist. I’ve been to Berlin once before, but it was a fleeting visit, I only saw the Brandenburg Gate from a taxi.

“That aside, I’m looking forward to catching up with friends, learning something new, and having the odd stein of German pilsner.

“WordCamps are fantastic events, and this year’s WCEU will be the largest ever, with 3,000 attendees expected. I always say this, because it’s true, the best thing about WordPress is the community, so I’m most looking forward to being a part of it.” Rich Hill

Meanwhile, Tess will be busy for other reasons. As one of the team leads in the organising team, Tess will be managing the communications efforts for the conference. She said:

“Being on the organising team last year in Belgrade was both exciting and enjoyable. Working alongside fellow organisers in the PR team, we managed more than 60 live media interviews and I wrote and distributed a number of press releases during the conference.

“For WCEU 2019 in Berlin, I decided to apply again and this time I was recruited as team lead for communications. Working closely with my team, as well as the other team leads, has been the best part. It’s so gratifying to see what we’ve built for our community.

“Organising an event of this size and with this reputation is a really unique and special experience, and this year we made changes and improvements, introducing new features and really focussing on creating the best possible conference for our attendees.

“We have a huge range of talks and workshops running in multiple tracks, which is critical for such a big event (with 3,000+ people!). During our Call for Speakers, we made an effort to reach out and encourage equality on stage.

“On top of this, we are introducing additional content, such as WP Cafe, a friendly space for community-led discussion where attendees can chat about topics that matter to them, and yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions at Wellness at WCEU.

“I have been really proud of my team and how much energy they have given to all of the campaigns we have run over the past few months, including demystifying Contributor Days, improving sustainability, and ensuring the event is parent-friendly with workshops and free childcare.

“The final frontier is the event itself, which might seem obvious… but after nine months for most organisers, and ten months for team leads, this has been a long time coming!

“Roll on 20-22 June 2019… and I’m already looking forward to the After Party, which has an 80s theme. Yes, I have my scrunchy and dungarees packed and ready.” Tess Coughlan-Allen

Will you be attending WordCamp Europe? Tell us, let’s arrange to share a meal, grab a coffee or just hang out!

Photo credit: WCEU 2018 Photography Team led by Florian Ziegler.
See more WCEU photos on Flickr.

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