Mind Doodle Pricing

Select the plan that’s right for you!


FREE Mind Mapping

  • Up to 3 mind maps
  • 100MB cloud storage
  • Team collaboration
  • Instant team messaging
  • Unlimited team size!

100% FREE!

PRO Mind Mapping

  • Unlimited mind maps
  • 25GB cloud storage
  • Advanced mapping tools
  • Microsoft Office Export
  • 1 month free trial

Only $2.97!

per month

PRO Task Management

  • Kanban workflows
  • Estimations & charts
  • Task prioritization
  • Task Excel export
  • 1 month free trial

Only $3.97!

per month

The GOLD Plan!

  • Advanced mind mapping!
  • Advanced task management !
  • Discounted price!

Only $5.49!

per month

Compare Plans

Mind Doodle offers lots of features all designed to improve productivity.  The below table lists all Mind Doodle plans and their associated feature capabilities.  Use this table to understand which plan is right for you.


$0.00 per month

Mind Mapping

$2.97 per month

Task Management

$3.97 per month

The GOLD Plan

$5.49 per month

Key Features

Mind mapping
Tree view map
Add notes, tasks, images and files to ideas in mind map
Export mind map to image file
Export mind map to Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Project)
Show featured images in mind map
3D view map

Additional Features

Share mind maps as Public Doodles, with no login required to view
Private Doodles (to keep mind maps private)
Cloud file storage
100 MB (per user)
20 GB (per user)!!!
20 GB (per user)!!!
Customer support
Community / email
Ticket: 24 hours
Ticket: 24 hours
Ticket: 24 hours
Doodle (mind map) Creation
Up to 3 mind maps
Unlimited mind maps
Unlimited mind maps

Project Management

Add tasks to ideas in mind map
10 task limit
10 task limit
Unlimited tasks
Unlimited tasks
Kanban-style (agile) board
Backlog and Sprints
Estimations, burn down chat, workload chart
Export tasks to CSV file (for excel, numbers etc)


SSL security certificate


Share mind maps with friends and colleagues
Real time collaborative editing
Chat tool with contextual threads for each data
4 week history
No Limit
No Limit
No Limit
Different user roles (to control read only or edit access)

WordPress Integration

WordPress Plugin
Visual Drag/Drop Website Builder
Link WordPress to Mind Doodle for team and client collaboration
Add tasks in WordPress, view in Mind Doodle, and vice versa
10 task limit
No Limit
No Limit
No Limit

Slack Integration

Link users between Mind Doodle and Slack
Share messages
Share files
Share task notifications

SWOT Analysis

Assign ideas as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats (SWOT)
3D SWOT anlaysis chart
Advanced SWOT anaysis (assign numeric values and reasonings for accurate analysis)
Export SWOT report to Microsoft Word
Integration with tasks and task board

Mind Mapping

Task Management

The “GOLD” Plan

Let’s create something

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